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We live in a world glutted with facts and information, but
where is the wisdom?  
Elaine Ginn brings Wisdom
to the Information Age.
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Who Is Elaine Ginn?

Elaine Ginn  is a dynamic speaker with a gentle soul who has been an encouragement to groups of 10 to hundreds for over 35 years and you'll sense how much she truly cares for people and desires to share her wisdom. You will be inspired as you see your place in the world in a whole new light through Elaine's eyes.  Elaine enthusiastically stitches together a view of the world that is filled with light and life to help you see  your place in it in a whole new light.

In a world filled with sound bites and excessive information it is difficult to find something to really  connect with.  How can we make sense of our lives?  How do we see through our situations to a greater purpose in life?  When life becomes difficult, we really
only want to know what truly matters. Elaine will inspire you with her wisdom from life's hard lessons and will lead you in the path towards joy and fulfillment. When you are on your deathbed, you are not wishing for another version of Angry Birds; you want to know how your life has mattered.  Wouldn't it be comforting to learn that NOW?

With a healthcare background including decades serving as a nurse, instructor and professor, Elaine has many insights that apply to all of us.  Her experiences, both in giving and receiving healthcare, have helped her gain a unique perspective.  She shares her insights in her talks as well as in her books, which are available at Sea Light Press.

Striving to add joy to the lives of the people with whom she interacts, Elaine has a clear purpose for her life.  She adores her grandchildren and is a loving mother who seeks ways to uplift her grown children.

A unique public speaker, Elaine is available to talk to your group and to inspire them to achieve greater success in life.  You will be fascinated by the research and facts she relates and you will be inspired by her many stories.  Afterwards, her words will ring in your heart and mind as you realize your value and you will be inspired to a greater purpose in life.

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"The positive energy that you reflect is a beam of light awakening the spirit within and reminding us that each moment is a new opportunity to choose.  We are filled with gratitude for our time together.  The impact deeply affects us and will move us another step forward in our lives.   Please come back and bring more of the healing message to our group as we study and learn from the lessons we share."  Wise Women's Group, Pekin, IL

"Why do I go at night to a class called 'Death and Dying'?  Because I always feel better when I go to that class; I feel better about my life."   Sam L., Illinois

"We are so  honored by your spirit,
So joyful in your light,
Thank you, Wise Woman."   Rosalind

"You were AWESOME!"  Anna McCormick

"Even if I spend them here [in prison], my next ten and a half years will be heavenly--thanks to you.  You have so inspired me.  Thank you so very much!  God bless you,"  Lisa H., inmate at the Illinois Women's Penitentiary, Pekin, IL

"The positive energy that you shared with us is still flowing through my mind, body, and soul.  Thanks so much." Francis J.

"God Bless and please continue to share the light you shine."   Delores L.

"I just finished reading your book, and I think it is incredible. This may sound strange but I read it with your voice in my head, speaking the words. It hit home on so many levels. It reveals how we go from being children our selves being raised by our parents, to parents of our children, to parents for our parents. The last patch had me in tears. If something causes an emotion in a person, then you have done your job. Once I started reading it, I finished it in twenty four hours. ...
Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing this with me.
Lorrie Y, Florida

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