Elaine Ginn
Author, Speaker

Procrastination and 
lack of commitment 
are always a sign of
confusion and inner conflict.  
Resolve the conflict
and action happens!

Talk Topics

Hear Your Heart...
Mind Your Mind...
Love Your Life!!

Suggested Topics
The Truth About the Universe 
Lessons Learned from The Dying
Lies About our "Health" Care System!
The Healthiest Rx for Our Sick-Care System!
5 Solid Reasons to Believe in Your Own Power

Living with New Organs: The Transplant Experience
The Patchwork Paradigm for Happy, Engaged Employees
The Patchwork Paradigm for Inner and Interpersonal Peace

Parenting Your Aging Parents: Handling the Role Reversal
How a Dead Man can Change YOUR Life: Einstein Revisited

The Patchwork Paradigm for a Successful Educational Environment


Let Elaine design a special presentation tailored to your organizations' needs.
Call now to discuss the best option for your group.

Each presentation focuses on "Use Now" take-aways and simple action-oriented suggestions for making these techniques work immediately.

Be prepared for a paradigm-shifting experience that will forever change the way you view the world and open up exciting new perspectives for you.

Elaine will provide precisely what you need, with humor, compassion, insight and wisdom, whether your concerns relate to
 creating peace
improving success 
increasing mindfulness
 nurturing spiritual growth
 discovering innovative health care solutions
or providing an enlightening and entertaining keynote address.

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